Molecule Consultancy

Dear Molecule employees,

Welcome to your Christmas gift shop.

This year's Christmas gift has a special touch, as it is "Gifts that give back." This means that, in addition to hopefully finding a gift that brings you joy, the gift also makes a significant positive difference for the individuals in developing countries who crafted your present.

All products have been produced under Fair Trade conditions, ensuring fair wages and working conditions, no child labour, payment during illness and maternity leave, and with respect for the environment. We believe that fair trade is the path out of poverty towards a better life.

We hope you appreciate our selected range. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to know more about a specific product, please feel free to contact us at

The world needs companies like yours that take social responsibility and contribute to improving the living conditions for those who need it most. Thank you.


How to Use Your Socially Responsible Gift Shop

  • Create an account from your company email address.
  • Enter the provided password (Moleculemolly) to access the gift shop.
  • Browse the products available.
  • Add your desired products to your cart.
  • Go to checkout, and the "discount" will be applied automatically.
  • Any remaining amount will be transferred to a gift card sent to you by email.

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