About Molly's Heart

Molly's Heart has a vision to promote global respect and cohesion across geographical, cultural and gender boundaries. We do this by engaging in socially responsible trade with developing countries.

Our goal is to run a socially responsible business model, where we aim to improve conditions for micro-entrepreneurs, family producers and strengthen the role of women. That's why Molly's Heart collaborates with non-profit NGOs, fair trade organizations and directly with small local producers.

Molly's Heart creates fair trade with developing countries. We buy socially responsible products from the most skilled craftsmen, designers and artists from vulnerable areas - especially in Africa. It gives vulnerable and poverty-stricken people a way of life. And it allows us to help these people.

We focus on the environmental and social footprint we leave on the world. We do this through the collaboration agreements we have, the products we sell, the events we hold and the values ​​we live by.

Through our value set; cohesion, openness, kindness and optimism, it is the dream to be able to create more fair trade and create awareness of the enormous potentials that exist in many places in exposed areas. Through familiarity, security and equality are created. We believe this is the foundation for cohesion, friendliness and optimism – across geographies and societal challenges.

Molly's Heart was established by Birgitte Frost Mathiesen.

About the name Molly's Heart

Why is the company called Molly's Heart?

It does so because one of the most powerful and admirable people Birgitte has met is called Molly. Molly is the founder of the American NGO and non-profit development organization Tostan. Tostan has significantly improved living conditions for more than 5.5 million. people in West Africa. Including the abolition of circumcision of girls and women as well as child brides and the introduction of democracy and knowledge of human rights.

Birgitte sits on the board of Tostan Denmark and works to raise funds for development projects in several African villages.

Our mission

Molly's Heart's mission is "To enable and accelerate socially responsible commerce through increased awareness and presentation of opportunities."

You can follow along and participate through our newsletter. Here we will invite you to a number of events, tell you about news and send you a number of good offers.

About the employees

The founder of Molly's Heart is called Birgitte - and not Molly. Throughout her long life, Birgitte has traveled and lived in areas of the world where the biggest challenges have been establishing a life where the family can survive. Schooling, health, democracy and human rights have been subjects that there has been no interest in or insight into. Over the last 10 years in particular, Birgitte has worked with social responsibility in the form of e.g. social investments, social entrepreneurship, sustainable business models etc. You can see more about Birgitte on Linkedin here.

Josephine is Molly's Heart's young, sweet, stylish and socially conscious employee. Josephine has also visited the talented female micro-entrepreneurs in Senegal. Even though Josephine is young, she already knows many good stories and facts about the difference the different products make. Josephine is also a big part of the purchasing of our products. You will meet Josephine in our showroom.

Tina is our lanky, super cool and sharp finance person. Tina ensures that EVERYTHING is under control. You meet Tina at our office.

Karoline is our sweet, young and local employee. Karoline is passionate about fashion - and you can see that. You will meet Karoline in our showroom.

About the products

Our products are handmade. That is small variations may occur in e.g. measurements (26 cm. may well be 25.5 or 26.5 cm.). The products are also made from natural materials (reeds, grasses, leather, skins, brass, copper, wood, silver, etc.) and nature is natural. That is that colors, thicknesses, knobs etc. will be available.

What we can promise you is that we only work with the most talented people, that we aim for the greatest possible degree of sustainability, have a focus on zero waste and can 100% vouch for the working conditions and payments that we provide, those who produce our goods.

The vast majority of our products are unique. That is, there is only one of its kind. Eg. one sculpture, a bag, a piece of jewelery etc. that looks exactly like the one you buy.

The fact that everything is handmade and unique means that we occasionally sell out. We try to supplement with both similar and other exciting unique items as soon as possible.

Approx. 80% of our products are from countries in Africa. Unfortunately, Africa is not the only place with great poverty, and that is why we also buy products from, among others, Nepal, Yemen, Nicaragua and Indonesia. What they have in common is that they are fair trade, socially responsible and focus on looking after the Earth's resources.