Tostan International

Birgitte is an active part of the board of Tostan Denmark, a sister organization to the American Tostan International. Tostan is a non-profit NGO dedicated to helping the most vulnerable people in Africa.

What is special about Tostan is their approach to the development of poor villages, which takes place through "Community-led development". This is an approach to development where the local community itself identifies what is important to them in order to improve their lives. The village is also responsible for developing and implementing plans to achieve a better life. The development program takes three years and builds on the village's own strengths, potentials and local leadership. In addition to meeting the village's goals of improved livelihoods, the program also addresses harmful practices such as female genital cutting (FGC) and child marriage. Both of these practices are brought to a voluntary end through the program. In addition, the program also includes learning about human rights, education, empowerment of women, health, democracy, environment and much more.

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On travels around West Africa, Birgitte has met many skilled craftsmen, designers and artists who make the most beautiful things, but who have nowhere to sell these things. Molly's Heart is the buyer of some of these units and these are the ones you can see both in the store and here on the webshop.

Every year, Molly's Heart donates a portion of the profits to Tostan.

Do you also want to make a difference?

For DKK 200 per year you can become a member of Tostan. Click on this link . The DKK 200 pays for one person's participation in the three-year development programme.

Thank you for helping to make a difference.

You can see our annual report here: Tostan-2021-Annual-Report.pdf