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Mobile phone accessories, Leather cord collector from South Africa

Mobile phone accessories, Leather cord collector from South Africa

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Are you also annoyed that wires always end up in a knot? Collect them with this beautiful handmade leather "cord collector".

All our products are handmade using only the best quality vegetable tanned leather we can source. It is self-dyed and hand-rubbed with our own blend of beeswax, animal fat and vegetable oil, giving a classic old-fashioned finish.

Each and every product is handmade from start to finish by one woman and you will find her initials embossed somewhere on the leather of the product.

Craftsmanship precision in every stitch.

Molly's Heart has established a valuable collaboration with Els & Co. (Pty) Ltd (FINE LEATHER CRAFTSMEN) in South Africa. We share the vision and goal of running a socially responsible economic business model, where we aim to improve conditions for micro-entrepreneurs, family producers and strengthen the role of women.

Below you can read a little about why we have chosen ELS as a partner.

The founder of Els himself says this:
"When we started this journey ten years ago, we faced our biggest challenge: finding skilled artisan women. We would find and develop discover talents among the millions of unemployed in South Africa. The start was tough and there were moments when it felt like we would never reach the goal. But when the first artisan women reached 10,000 hours of training, it all fell into place, culminating in the incredible products we now sell for selected partners.

But our real victory lies not only in the high level of craftsmanship. The real triumph is the ability to create an environment where unemployed amaXhosa women discover that they are destined for more than their wildest dreams. Their incredible talent, refined through training, now provides them with a steady income. It enables the improvement of their entire family's quality of life and leaves them with dignity and pride.

Els & Co. further differentiates itself from other leather merchants by not only having every stitch handmade, but also by each item is created by one artisan from start to finish, bearing her proud initials stamped into the leather as the finishing touch.

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