Social responsibility, ESG and the UN's 17 global goals

Below you can read a bit about how you as a company can get involved in sustainable development and social responsibility and how it can strengthen your company's competitiveness. We will be happy to visit you and tell you a lot more.

There is a pearly string of abbreviations about the way companies must report sustainability in the future (ESG, CSRD, CSR, SDG). Sustainability must be understood quite broadly in the EU context, because it includes a number of areas such as the environment, climate, social conditions and management.

Let's start with ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG is therefore about reporting on the company's sustainability in three areas: Environment, people and governance.

What does ESG mean for your company?

The answer depends on the size of your business. ESG reporting is not yet a legal requirement for small and medium-sized companies. But it can affect you negatively if you do not have control of your sustainability data.

Where does the legislation come from?

From the EU. The EU's directive, CSRD, requires large companies to follow an EU standard for ESG reporting from 2024.

Who must prepare an ESG report?

ESG reporting is not yet a legal requirement for small and medium-sized companies. But more and more large companies are making demands on their subcontractors. They ask for data for your products, which can be included in their ESG reporting. They can ask for data for areas such as; environmental conditions and climate impact, social conditions and personnel conditions, anti-corruption and bribery and compliance with human rights.

You will therefore increasingly experience being covered or influenced by requirements for reporting ESG data, in order to continue as a sub-supplier to large companies.

The sustainability agenda will certainly also become a parameter that investors will squint at when they consider investing in a company in the future. Banks already do this in relation to lending.

If you have ESG data under control, it can give you a head start in the market, strengthen your reputation, increase your competitiveness and attract new customers, business partners and employees. It can also help you identify and reduce risks, save costs and improve your earnings.

Your company as a socially responsible company

A collaboration with Molly's Heart speaks directly to S in the ESG agenda. Giving socially responsible employee gifts, providing micro-loans to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries, donating money to the non-profit organization Tostan and other socially responsible activities, you will be able to report on your sustainability report / annual report.

UN's 17 Global Goals (SDG)

Molly's Heart works directly with seven of the UN's 17 world goals (Sustainable Development Goals / SDG). By cooperating with us, you thus positively influence world goals 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 17.

The world needs companies that want to help make a positive difference.


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