Collection: Curve

Natural beauty and ethical craftsmanship

In Molly's Heart you will find a world of baskets that combine aesthetics with sustainability and ethics. Our baskets, made from natural materials such as bamboo, palm leaves, rattan and raffia, bring a piece of nature and tranquility into your home. These handmade beauties are the result of fair trade principles, making them both beautiful and ethically responsible choices.

With their versatility, our wicker products fit into any home, whether the style is modern, minimalist or bohemian. Use them for storage, as plant baskets or as a decorative element - the possibilities are endless. By choosing our basket, you support local economy and traditional crafts in developing countries and contribute to social justice and sustainability.

Each basket from Molly's Heart tells its own story and connects directly to the artisans who created them, giving a deeper meaning to each product.