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Book, Deadly Harvest, South Africa

Book, Deadly Harvest, South Africa

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Deadly Harvest, by South African Michael Stanley is included The Detective Kubu series .

The book is in English.

Behind "Deadly Harvest" and the South African writing couple.

Deadly Harvest is written by Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip under the name Michael Stanley.

Young girls disappear around Garborone, the capital of Botswana. When the cases eventually end up with the criminal police, they suspect that the girls have been abducted and killed to be used in the production of muti – traditional African medicine and magic, which is usually made from primarily plants. At the same time, there is turmoil in the country's political top with elections, possible political assassinations and the risk of riots. This is in many ways confrontational, controversial topics, not least because it is basically about the relationship between the powerful and the powerless in society. But the book's authors really manage to balance the presentation, because we as readers are inside the thoughts and feelings of many different people in the book. It is also about people. About motivations, desperation, grief and survival strategies in a society where the difference between rich and poor can be seen, and where the modern, rational exists side by side with the traditional and ritualistic.

Deadly Harvest is the fourth book about Detective Inspector David "Kubu" Bengu. This time he works together with the young officer, Samantha Khama, who is the first to take the girls' disappearance seriously. Where Kubu is a calm, well-reflected and kind man, Khama is intense, angry and bent on changing the world. Although the book's subjects are serious and show an unpleasant side of the world, the tone is calm, well-reflected and almost polite. If you are tired of police officers who drink, harm themselves and their surroundings and operate more outside the law than within it, then the books about Kubu are a really good bet. Although the book is part of a series, it can easily be read independently.

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