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Book, Facets of Death, South Africa

Book, Facets of Death, South Africa

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A Deadly Covenant, by South African Michael Stanley is included in The Detective Kubu series .

The book is in English. Although the book is part of a series, it can easily be read independently.

Behind "Facets of Deatk" and the South African writing couple.

Deadly Harvest is written by Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip under the name Michael Stanley.


Detective Kubu, renowned international detective, has faced off with death more times than he can count... But what was the case that established him as a force to be reckoned with? In Facets of Death , a prequel to the acclaimed Detective Kubu series, the fresh-faced cop gets ensnared in an international web of danger―can he get out before disaster strikes?

David Bengu has always stood out from the crowd. His personality and his physique match his nickname, Kubu―Setswana for "hippopotamus"―a seemingly docile creature, but one of the deadliest in Africa. His keen mind and famous persistence have seen him rise in the Botswana CID. But how did he get his start?

His resentful new colleagues are suspicious of a detective who has entered the CID straight from university, skipping the usual beat cop phase.

Mining diamonds is a lucrative business, but it soon proves itself deadly. Shortly after Kubu joins the CID, the richest diamond mine in the world is robbed of 100,000 carats of diamonds in transit. The robbery is well-executed and brutal. Police immediately suspect an inside job, but there is no evidence of who it could be.

When the robbers are killed execution-style in South Africa and the diamonds are still missing, the game changes, and suspicion focuses on a witch doctor and his son. Does Kubu have the skill and the integrity to engineer an international trap and catch those responsible, or will the biggest risk of his life end in disaster?

A riveting addition to Michael Stanley's award-winning books set in Botswana, Facets of Death proves Kubu worthy of his name

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