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Hamam woven towels in 100% locally harvested cotton. Fair Trade from Syria

Hamam woven towels in 100% locally harvested cotton. Fair Trade from Syria

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Syrian hamam towels in 100% locally harvested cotton. Can also be used for carpets and tablecloths.

Dimensions: 200 * 100 cm.

The story behind these beautiful towels:

Violent earthquakes hit Syria and Turkey February 2023. Thousands of people lost their lives and homes were razed to the ground. Large parts of the region are still in ruins. 1.6 million people still live in informal settlements. In Hatay, which is the center of art, gastronomy and handicrafts but also the city that was hardest hit by the fatal tremors, the residents are trying to get back on their feet.

Hatay is known for its silk and cotton production, which has been a proud tradition in the city since the 1900s, when it was part of the Silk Road. The skilled weavers and artisans start harvesting cotton again, which is then woven on old jacquard looms for bedspreads, tablecloths and towels.

To help families in the city to rebuild an everyday life after the earthquake, Molly's Heart in Tisvildeleje and Østerland collaborates to import products from local handicraft shops in the city. We buy the products at fair prices and thereby ensure that families can support themselves and each other again. Begin life again.

Therefore, if you buy one of the beautiful peshtemal towels, tablecloths or bedspreads, you both contribute to the reconstruction of Hatay and at the same time support the sustainable production of cotton products.

Towels: 100 x 200 cm, 100% locally harvested cotton. Price: DKK 199.

When machine washed at 40 degrees, the units shrink 5-10%

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